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Our Inspriration

Having lived in Leicestershire for most of my life, I discovered Norfolk in my thirties when I took my children there for their first holiday. Since then I have visited regularly and yearn to live there myself one day. My sock business is the closest I can get to that dream for the next few years. The sock names are my nod to Sheringham and the surrounding area. If you know the area I hope you enjoy the connections, if you don't maybe they will inspire you to visit! Either way I hope the socks will please.

The socks

All of our socks are made by my husband using traditional methods in our Leicestershire village. They have a true rib in them to ensure a comfortable fit with no pinching.

Our wool socks

These are made from a blend of wool and nylon. Wool for warmth and nylon for durability and stretch. Although they have a shrink resist finish, it is advisable that they are not tumble dried since wool is a natural fabric that does not take kindly to such heat. They are my husband’s sock of choice and he assures me that they are extremely comfortable.

Our cotton socks

For those who prefer cotton. These are inherently easier to care for as they will not shrink in heat.


Our Gansey socks

An exciting addition to our range, for Ladies. These are based on Knitting patterns that were used to make traditional Gansey jumpers for fishermen.

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